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How can you be influential online?

We all have the desire to be significant.  In the digital age, however, it is easier to see that our lives are often small compared the rest of the world.  With the ability to access life and culture around the globe in an instant, it might be difficult to have people pay attention to you.

That is where social media comes in handy.

With the use of different social media platforms – Facebook, Instgram, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Tumblr, etc. – you have the tools to make your life worth following. The question is how to use these free tools to further your message.

We are all a brand.  The Internet allows us all to create an identity, and whether as an individual or community, our posts on social media determines the way the world will view that brand.  Reflecting on that idea, we cannot use social media half-heartedly. Post with intention. Post often. Post passionately.

The best case study in social media is the phenomena of the celebrity. Millions log onto Twitter to follow Taylor Swift’s selfies with her cats; she is essentially a stranger, but people are influenced by her, and want to feel closer to the superstar.

According to Zimbio’s list of The 50 Most Influential Celebrities Online, a person’s social media presence was determined not only by the number of people following you, but whether or not people care.  Lady Gaga, for example, grabbed the bronze on the list (with almost 60 million fans on Facebook and almost 40 million followers on twitter) by her power over the Internet.  Since the dawn of her career as a pop star, Gaga has created an army of ‘Little Monsters’ dedicated to her cause – love and acceptance for all.

With persistence and meaning behind posts, a social media presence can be formed and create some influence.  But, can influence be measured?  One company tried to create a formula for success online, but there are many criticisms to the idea. Klout, started in 2012, measures the impact of a user online, but only with the data they can actually push into their algorithm.  Obviously people are more than their online brand, but things like Klout help us understand how well we reach others across the world.  President Barack Obama is almost perfect on the site, with a score of a 99. By giving us all a score, Klout can combine all of our social media platforms and see if we really are “influencers.”

Whether or not you score on Klout, or you are just looking to impact a few more people online, just post things that you would like to see.  Influence others with your brand, and your message will attract those who are passionate about your passions.

There are many people that are worth following. You’re one of them.