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The Solution Group featured on cover of South Florida Business Journal

Our client Camilo Lopez, President of The Solution Group, was featured on the cover of the South Florida Business Journal with their project Ofizzina, for Brian Bandell’s August 21, 2015 story about South Florida’s exciting office space market. Check out the cover and Bandell’s coverage of Ofizzina below.

The Solution Group has an office building planned in Coral Gables, but with a different sales strategy. Its Ofizzina 1200 is a 97,000-square-foot office condo, and President Camilo Lopez said all the buyers plan to occupy either some or all of their units. He plans to build the 2,000- to 3,000-square-foot units with high-end finishes, and include a gym in the building. “In two years, we will have the lowest vacancy rate Miami has had in 20 years because the market is growing so much and just a few projects are under construction in office,” Lopez said.

Click HERE to read the rest of the story on the South Florida Business Journal website.

Getting coverage as newsrooms shrink

If you are in media relations, it’s no secret that newsrooms are shrinking and reporters have less time than ever to dedicate to stories.

According to The American Society of News Editors’ annual newsroom census released last week, 2013 saw a net loss of 1,300 full-time newspaper journalists.This means that if you’re a PR professional, you have to work even harder to get your story placed.

Here are a few tips to help you get coverage.

1. Make your pitches count. Is your press release or press event really newsworthy? If not, then it is even more unlikely that you will get coverage. In fact, in sending non-newsworthy pitches to reporters, you potentially harm your chances of getting press in the future.

2. Foster relationships. This hasn’t changed from when newsrooms were full and Craigslist was just an idea. Meeting reporters for backgrounders is a good practice, and any reporter worth his or her salt will welcome talking to you about potential news events.

3. Keep media lists updated. A media list you compiled at the beginning of the year is already outdated. Some of the reporters have moved on, and others are covering different beats. The more targeted and up-to-date you are with your list, the more success you will have in reaching a reporter.

4. Social media. Go directly to your client’s customers on social media, but remember that no one likes commercials. Engage in real conversations in a real voice, not one generated through legal or marketing departments.

5. Paid media.
 With earned media becoming more challenging, savvy media outlets are realizing businesses will pay to get placement. Just be sure you get information about ROI before you go this route. Placing an article in a newspaper that gets buried in its digital edition and is not searchable is a waste of time and money.


Tips provided by PR Daily.