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Leaders discuss the future of democracy in the hemisphere during DITAS

- The fourth annual Democracy in the Americas Symposium took place October 15, 2015 -

(Miami, FL) – Local and international education, business and political leaders discussed the future of democracy in the hemisphere during the fourth Democracy in the Americas Symposium 2015 (DITAS15), presented by the Zambrano Foundation, on Thursday, October 15, 2015, at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale.
“One of the most important results from today’s symposium is that we were able to highlight social responsibility as a method to sustain democracy, which is not only a duty of our politicians, but also of us citizens,” said Zambrano Foundation Chairman José Zambrano. “Another aspect that was profoundly emphasized is that young people need to fall in love with democracy, while understanding that they need to use their most vital democratic right: the vote.”

DITAS is an annual gathering of world dignitaries, multi-national corporate leaders, prominent scholars, students and social innovators who discuss the latest trends in policy, trade, technology, social innovation and economic development to improve democracy in the hemisphere. The conference is sponsored and organized by the Zambrano Foundation, whose vision affirms that democracy is more than a political system; it is a way of life.

Cuban activist Rosa María Payá, New Leaders Council’s Ron Bilbao, SAVE Executive Director Tony Lima and Government Relations specialist Raúl Martinez, Jr., sharing ideas on democracy at the Democracy in the Americas Symposium 2015.
This year’s list of panelists included: Venezuelan journalist and publisher of El Nuevo País and Zeta Magazine Rafael Poleo; Mundomax News Director Ricardo Brown; Former Prime Minister of Haiti Gerard R. Latortue; Florida State House Representative Shevrin Jones;  Mayor of Dothan, Alabama, Mike Schmitz; TECHO Director of Corporate Development David Gentili; Cuban activist Rosa María Payá; SAVE Executive Director Tony Lima; New Leaders Council’s Ron Bilbao; Government relations specialist Raúl Martinez, Jr.; and Director of Tecnológico de Misantla Alberto Gaytán García.

The outstanding panelists touched on issues such as education, media, civic responsibility and the economy, as well as the effects that these have on democracy in the entire region. A large part of the conversation focused on the challenges for the future of democracy in the Americas.

After each panel of the interactive symposium, panelists answered questions from the audience and social media, making the debate more interactive and allowing to discuss current issues such as relations between Cuba and the United States, elections in the Americas, the situation in Venezuela, and social democratic responsibility.



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