tecela no background

Miami-based development company Tecela will help Miami’s Little Havana return to its roots with the ground breaking of Tecela’s first major redevelopment. Tecela’s rental project, named 769 NW 1st St. after its street address, breaks ground June 30.

Principal Andrew Frey championed changes in Miami zoning rules that again legalize the type of signature apartments he is building by building a small-scale apartment building with no parking that have served as the backbone of the community.

Tecela is dedicated to the development of the urban core. Frey hopes to create more compatible and sustainable housing opportunities through the ground-up development of his own projects and by consulting for other developers interested in the same principles. Tecela’s Andrew Frey is able to build the three-story, eight-unit project because of zoning changes he championed ending on-site parking requirements for small lots. Developers can again build units consistent with the character that made Little Havana a fast-growing destination.

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