Blog HeaderBy Helena Poleo

For those of us in the media world, especially in South Florida, we know we have to reach the Hispanic audience if we want to get our clients’ message out successfully.

The question is, how do we reach them effectively?

Studies show that Hispanics use media very differently than the general population.

As this article in Media Life Magazine explains, Hispanics spend much less time watching traditional television and using tablets but much more time on smartphones and listening to radio.

“One consistent finding over the years is that Hispanics favor mobile over all other demographics, and Nielsen’s report bears this out,” the article reads. According to the Nielsen report, Hispanics are nearly twice as likely to watch streaming video or listen to streaming audio as other demos.

Why? The reason lies in economics: for many Hispanics, who statistically have a lower income level than other groups, mobile phones are their only connection to the web.

Although this article focuses on placed media, this is important information if you’re trying to create an earned media plan that reaches Hispanics specifically, as is often the case in Miami. Finding these outlets to reach Hispanics effectively takes a Media Relations professional that knows the market well, and knows how to reach the right reporters in the right outlet for the demographic.