By Helena Poleo, President Influence Communications

Is it really necessary to have a Spanish-language campaign to reach Hispanics when considering marketing and public relations?  As one of the premiere public relations and marketing firms focusing on the Hispanic market, we get this question from clients all the time.

And the answer is, quite simply: Yes!

As this article in Forbes magazine highlights, although Hispanic immigration has slowed down, and we all have seen several data points demonstrating that more young Hispanics are speaking more English and consuming media in English, the fact remains that to reach these consumers and voters effectively, marketers and PR specialists must target them with tailored campaigns in Spanish.

The article points to a “Facebook IQ” study conducted by Latinum Network, which, amongst other findings, states that ads targeting Hispanics in Spanish significantly increase their interest in purchasing products. Also, 58% of Spanish-dominant Hispanics and 48% of bilingual Hispanics think that brands that reach out to the segment in Spanish demonstrate they value the Hispanic community.

But just translating an English campaign to Spanish doesn’t work, which is one explanation as to why some Spanish language campaigns don’t seem to bring such a robust ROI as English-language campaigns.

The Facebook IQ study points out that “Hispanic consumers don’t want to be exposed to mere translations of messages from English to Spanish; they want to receive messages that reflect their culture, and this message should also be reflected when casting actors who speak Spanish, with the usage of humor, and in situations that consumers can relate to from a cultural standpoint.”

Therefore, to reach Hispanics effectively, clients must invest in a separate, tailored marketing campaign for Hispanics, and possibly for each different nationality of Hispanics they are hoping to reach.

Influence Communications specializes in creating tailored campaigns to reach the growing Hispanic demographic in South Florida and nation-wide. If you would like to find out how Influence can take your marketing efforts to the next level, please contact us.

We also encourage you to read the Forbes article here: