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According to a study published today in El Nuevo Herald  and the Miami
Herald, the number of Hispanic voters in Florida increased by 81 percent between the 2014 midterm elections and
2018. Now more than ever, it is important to reach this population of effective voters,
an area in which Influence Communications has stood out since its inception a decade ago.

The latest census conducted in the United States shows that the Hispanic population
increased by 57.4 percent and the number of Hispanics who registered to vote as
independents increased by 101 percent, which means that this group is the greatest in
electoral growth in Florida ahead of the 2020 elections.

The specific information on Hispanics was compiled by Univision and Political Data Inc.
and shows that campaigns and candidates who invest from the beginning in the Spanish
media and in advertising efforts in Spanish are reaching more potential voters than ever
before. That is why Influence has always included a robust marketing and
communication plan for Hispanics in all the electoral campaigns at the local and state
level in which it has participated, resulting in a high proportion of campaign triumphs.
Influence Communications is a communications strategy agency that has grown with our
community, made up of an elite team of professional consultants with decades of
experience, advising numerous political campaigns that every day more are affected by
the Hispanic Vote in the United States.

To learn more about our capabilities and campaign strategies targeting Hispanics, please contact us.