Objective: To create an online and social media presence for the inaugural Overtown Rhythm & Arts Festival and Miss Overtown Pageant in 2011 as well as create media buzz for the festival. The Overtown Rhythm & Arts Festival aimed to celebrate the rich history of one of Miami’s earliest historically black communities where music’s biggest legends, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday, performed and stayed. The one-day free festival offered local food, art and entertainment for festival goers to enjoy. The Miss Overtown and Teen Miss Overtown pageants were created as part of the Overtown Rhythm & Arts Festival, in order to give opportunities to the ladies interested in representing Overtown in a positive light.


Strategy & Tactics: Influence Communications was the key to developing the Festival and the pageants’ online and social media presence as well as securing press coverage for the event. The key to our communications strategy was to contact local media and invite them to participate in every aspect of our planning and execution for the festival. Also, an integral part of the success of this festival was due to the synchronization between the press coverage and the online presence of the event, through Facebook, the festival’s webpage and viral marketing tactics. Viral marketing includes community calendars, blogs and dedicated event-driven web outlets.


Results: The Festival was a huge success, obtaining media attention from local televisions stations, major and community newspapers and several websites and blogs. After its inaugural year, the Overtown Rhythm and Arts Festival became an annual event and has gone on to become an annual event, now going on its third year.


Click: http://overtownfestival.com/

Like: https://www.facebook.com/OvertownFestival

Viral Samples: http://miamialive.com/overtown-festival-2012-06-23-12/#!prettyPhoto


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